Foldway Beds

If you are short of space, buying one of the foldaway wall beds available is an easy and practical way to make the most of that all important space. These beds are especially popular with many people who live in flats or bedsits, and they are easy to fold up and down, allowing you to hide it when not being used.

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A Great Space Saver

Of course, most people buy and use a foldaway bed to save on space. It can be the perfect solution for a small room in your home, even a room that isn't primarily used as a bedroom, such as a small box room, utility room or study. A small room can become a room that is used for multiple purposes, and you don't need to leave the bed in place all the time. These space saving beds can also be used with most types of mattress, avoiding the extra cost of a new mattress.

Unexpected Guests

If you often have friends or family visiting who need to stay the night, the advantages of a bed that quickly folds up are obvious. If you are the parents of a college student living away who turns up unexpectedly, having a ready to sleep in bed is usually very much appreciated. And most people understandably find this type of bed a lot more comfortable than a sleeping bag on the floor, or the living room sofa. Foldaway beds are available in single and double sizes, depending on the amount of space you have, and they are easy to install and operate, with only a light touch required to pull the bed down.

Stylish and Attractive

Foldaway wall beds are a lot more stylish looking than you might think, and as they come in a variety of styles and colours, you can find just the right one to match your existing look. Many folding beds are designed so that it isn't obvious that there is a bed there at all, and it matches the rest of the furniture in your bedroom. In fact, it looks like a wardrobe until you quickly and easily pull it down from the wall to use as a bed.

Most homeowners find that space is usually at a premium, and if that sounds like you, a bed that easily and quickly folds away can be an affordable and convenient way of providing extra room in your home.